How do you become your best self? How do you feel physically, emotionally and mentally when you are at your best? How do you transform the stress and negativity of modern day living into positive energy? These are the questions that were asked and answered in one of the most interesting and dynamic workshops to come to Sri Lanka.

Thriving! Positive Energy at Work for Leaders was a full day highly informative and interactive workshop brought in by ITD World  with the generous support of  Hilton Colombo that assisted participants identify how stress is affecting them and learn specific methods to transform the negative energy of stress into the positive energy of thriving to become your best self.

There were 65 participants from many organizations including Watawala Plantations, Aitken Spence, Sampath Bank and many others who attended this workshop held at the Hilton Colombo on 8 February 2018. The workshop began by acknowledging that we are experiencing a stress epidemic that impacts our physical, emotional and mental energy. After measuring our level of stress, we learned wonderfully simple, yet effective method to discharge and release chronic stress in just seconds.

Then the workshop turned toward the concept of what it means to Thrive! Participants discovered that thriving is a combination of positive physical energy, or vitality, positive emotional energy or positivity, and positive mental energy which is developed by embracing your strengths. Each section of the workshop introduced scientific research from Positive Psychology, Strengths Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry and then provided practical tools that were taught through activity based learning.  The workshop was a unique blend of theory and experiential practice. 

Although it was a large group, participants who are usually reserved began to relax and open up after the first exercise where they were encouraged to discharge their stress in a loud sign of relief. In addition to several physical techniques for discharging stress and recharging with positive energy, there were methods to increase positive emotions, identify personal strengths and develop a portrait of your “best self.” There is also a workbook that incorporates information from the slides with the practical skills learned and becomes a lasting resource to help continue the practice of Thriving!  after the workshop is over. 

These are some testimonials by workshop participants;

It was a wonderfully different workshop for me. I have not attended such a well thought out process addressing issues facing busy and successful leaders. I learnt how to reduce stress and it will contribute to enhancing my performance as a leader. Well done to ITD and Karl, we need a repeat workshop for our leaders.

Chamika Naranapitiya
Deputy General Manager
Watawala Plantations

This workshop was truly an eye-opener . I was able to appreciate how stress can damage us without us being aware of it. The workshop also taught me the value of self-compassion. Karl is an amazing facilitator and I was delighted to be part of this pioneer workshop in Colombo.

Ishara Wickramathilake
Human Resources Manager
Aitken Spence

Thriving! Positive Energy at Work for Leaders was conducted by Karl LaRowe, a mental health professional from the United States who is clearly passionate about the topic because of his own personal experience as a crisis counsellor in a busy inner-city emergency room who burned out and nearly ended his life by suicide. Mr. LaRowe shares his story of recovery and flourishing and provides a sense of hope and encouragement as he shares the knowledge he has acquired over the past 20 years providing over 1000 trainings to more than 50,000 professionals across the United States, the Middle East and now South East Asia.

If your organization is keen to run this workshop in the future when Karl returns to Colombo, please contact us.